Our clients

Since 1994 Inon has worked with hundreds of different clients of all kinds. We cover professional services, marketing services, financial services and many other sectors. Some of our major customers are listed to the right.

Of course many of our clients are also smaller firms ? from the one-man consultancy practice to the 5- or 20-person graphic design or Web design company.

What they all have in common is that they deal with knowledge and information ? they use their expertise to create value for their customers. So if your business is based on knowledge, Inon can probably help you to sell more, or to work more efficiently.

A key element of our work is to abstract the common elements that apply across different companies and different industries. This informs our active research into behavioural economics which is how we design our software to reflect how people really work. We then apply the best practices from many companies to build the best solution for you.

Whatever your business and whatever part of the professional and knowledge industries you are in, we have the expertise to help your business to close more deals and make your operations more efficient.

Selected clients

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