Structures to reduce stress

Inon's software is designed around reusable components called Symmetries. Each Symmetry combines a software component with a tried and tested management structure which helps your business get the best results out of the software and out of its people.

We have designed several Symmetries that can make your business run more predictably, help people manage themselves reliably and reduce stress for managers and owners of the business. These are shown in the table to the right.

Symmetries for a Reliable Business

Status Ladder A system to manage the progress of different aspects of your business through a sequential process. New client prospects, orders or invoices can all be processed in this way. It ensures that the progress of the business is stable and measurable, and that each member of the team knows what is required of them at the current stage in the process.
Job Type Activities A way to provide a standardised project plan for a variety of different kinds of service. This Symmetry creates a series of activities and allocates them to different people around the business, to ensure that each part of the service is carried out by the appropriate deadlines. It reduces the overhead of allocating, monitoring and chasing tasks within a team.
Multi-dimensional invoicing A financial structure which ensures that all services are invoiced as soon as they are ready to bill, and nothing is omitted; without relying on the accounts department to track and remember each item to be billed. This links powerfully with Structured Pricing to maximise revenue and ensure that collection is timely.

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