Structures to help you grow faster

Inon's software is designed around reusable components called Symmetries. Each Symmetry combines a software component with a tried and tested management structure which helps your business get the best results out of the software and out of its people.

We have designed several Symmetries that can help your business to grow faster. These are shown in the table to the right.

Symmetries for Faster Growth

Value Funnel A system to show where the value exists in your business, how it is added and measure how it increases day by day. Gives your staff visibility of where they can add value and therefore make the best contribution to the business.
Realtime KPIs A dashboard which measures the status of the business in real time, shows it to the relevant people, and allows staff to make instant decisions based on realtime information - no more waiting for the monthly results before changing course or fixing problems
Service productization The ability to turn your services into products; allowing them to be delivered by a wider range of staff with less training; and letting you scale up the business far more quickly with less investment.
Structured pricing Most professional firms, consultancies and modern service-based businesses base their pricing on an hourly or daily rate (even if they often provide a fixed project price). But this either results in the customer and supplier's interests being completely at odds; or it results in the supplier over-servicing their clients and not getting paid for the value they produce.

The economic theory of value modelling points to a new way of pricing which works better for everyone. It's called structured pricing and Inon's software will help you to implement it. Structured pricing can increase your revenue by 10-30% and your customers will be happy about it! This is because your charging is aligned with the things that are valuable to them, instead of the costs that you incur.

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