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September 2008 news: Inon in the FT

Leigh Caldwell, Inon's chief executive ,was quoted in the Financial Times talking about structured pricing. Download the article here. He will also be speaking at Agency Expo 2008 about structured pricing in the property sector.

Case study: Client Value Management

Have you ever installed a CRM package and found it didn't make any more sales for you? If you sell business-to-business, it's quite likely.

CRM is great for consumer businesses because it helps manage a large volume of prospects and customers by treating them all the same way. If used well, it may segment the customers into a few groups but its strength is in automating mass communications.

Business-to-business sales and marketing doesn't work on mass communications. It works by understanding what is important to each client, and providing the right tailored service to each one. So you need a new kind of software system to manage that process effectively.

Client Value Management software - (also known as Customer Value Management or CVM software) - is that new kind of software system. It's the next generation after CRM, and it helps you build an understanding of what is important to your client, so you can offer services that are exactly right for them, and get a fair share of the value that they gain in return. It improves the value proposition for client and supplier, giving both of them better results and increasing revenue for you.

Inon's CVM software can also help you to implement structured pricing in your business, potentially increasing your revenue by 10-30%. Email us if you would like a free copy of Inon's research report on structured pricing.

How Inon software works

Inon software fulfils the role of a traditional or on-demand ERP system, CRM package, timesheet or accounting software.

But this is about a much more fundamental transformation of your business than those traditional packages. It's about providing flexibility and reliability to your business at the same time; growth and profitability together; and taking the burden of micromanagement off the shoulders of directors and staff.

Did you know that productivity in the manufacturing industries has increased between 500 and 1000 times in the last two centuries? While service businesses have become only three to four times more productive over the same period.

In the next ten years, new types of business structure are going to create the biggest changes in the service sector for centuries. If you use Inon software to create, manage and evolve the structures in your business, you'll be able to take advantage of these developments in a way that your competitors won't even understand.

Inon's economic research into structured pricing, client value management (CVM) and other aspects of business structure will keep you ahead of the pack. Professional services firms and other business-to-business service providers will especially benefit from working with our knowledge and our software.

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