Structures to increase profits

Inon's software is designed around reusable components called Symmetries. Each Symmetry combines a software component with a tried and tested management structure which helps your business get the best results out of the software and out of its people.

We have designed several Symmetries that can help your business to increase its margins and profits. These are shown in the table to the right.

Symmetries for Higher Profit

Time Profiling Measure how different people use time differently, and provide structure to their daily or weekly routine to get the most value out of their time. This can include time tracking with clocks or timesheets - but also includes more proactive time management systems which help people to achieve their maximum productivity and to be happy with how they are using their time.
Resource Schedule Optimisation Evaluate each task according to the skills needed, and determine the staff best suited to perform it according to their expertise, project knowledge, and availability. Provide people with the right mix of variety, focus and consistency.
Defining a Story Give your people the clarity and focus that will motivate them over the timespan of a project and inspire them to new heights of performance. The software provides structure to your goals, makes progress visible and helps manage motivation each step along the path; your leadership provides the narrative that guides people from the birth of a new project to its accomplishment.

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